Max Hardberger's Companies

Vessel Extractions, LLC ("VessEx")
Whether you're a mortgagee, owner, charterer or insurer, Vessel Extractions, LLC ("VessEx") can free your ships and aircraft from difficult situations. Our experienced team of master mariners, crewmen, and aircraft pilots can recover your valuable assets from virtually any location in the world and return them to your rightful possession. Our unique service, operated by experienced mariners, aviators, and maritime lawyers, can maximize your recovery while minimizing your risk.

VessEx takes a novel approach to recovering its clients' vessels and aircraft. Never before has a company merged legal expertise and operational capabilities to conduct asset recovery operations. This combination is vitally important for those who seek cost-effective solutions to complex problems, and is one reason why VessEx stands alone in protecting its clients' interests. Not only does VessEx offer complete asset recovery services—from strategy development to physical extraction—but our diverse methods are designed to avoid costly mistakes while maximizing client recoveries. Click here visit the website of VessEx ...

Spearpoint Films
Following the sale of his memoirs to the Broadway Books imprint of Random House, Max Hardberger formed Spearpoint Films with Michael Bono to serve as a vehicle for theatrical, DVD, and television productions. The company's first production, Female of the Species, a Southern damsel-in-distress actioner, is currently in development. Other Spearpoint projects, like The Helldivers, a thriller set in the Louisiana offshore oilfield, will also take advantage of the generous state tax credits for such productions. Click here visit the website of Spearpoint Films ...

The Nippes Development Company ("NIPDEVCO")
NIPDEVCO was founded in 2004 to take advantage of the natural and human resources of the Department of Nippes in southwestern Haiti. In partnership with local interests, NIPDEVCO obtained 35 acres of prime waterfront property with 40' of water draft alongside, able to accommodate ships of up to 30,000 tons deadweight. The company has operated a shipbreaking yard at the facility, and is interested in attracting foreign manufacturing and other interests to the facility by emphasizing the ready availability of low-cost labor (as little as US$5 per day) and the friendly governmental and regulatory environment. Click here to learn more about NIPDEVCO ...

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