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Here's a collection of video clips of Max Hardberger. More coming soon...

May 2010 ó FOX & Friends ó High-Seas Repo Man

Max discusses his new book SEIZED. 

April 2010 ó Book Trailer for SEIZED ó Have You Ever Been Shot At?

The following is a book trailer created by Broadway Books to promote Max's book SEIZED. 

August 2004 ó Repo Men:  Stealing for a Living ó The Learning Channel

Below is a video clip featuring Max Hardberger from a television show which first aired on The Learning Channel in August 2004.  Here's a transcript of the introduction from Vincent Pastore, best know for his role on The Sopranos:

[Host Vincent Pastore] Who in their right mind would go into an unstable country in the middle of a revolution to do business? Iíll tell ya who. Max Hardberger. Thatís who. Let me explain this one. The Haitian government is being overthrown. People are killing one another, thereís rioting and looting. Not great times if you live there, but just the right conditions for a repo man who's going to retrieve a $3.5 million ship thatís hiding out in Haiti. Letís catch up with Max before some witch doctor turns him into a pineapple ...

[Max Hardberger] To repossess a ship in a foreign country requires a number of different skills. One of them is the ability to deal within that foreign country, as Mao said, to "swim with the fish." Haiti is a country like many other countries that have no central government, where you have to assess the situation from moment to moment. You can't make any assumptions based on a month ago or even two weeks ago ... 

Below is a 10 minute video clip of the episode.

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